Neurological Disorders

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In today's world everyone can encounter problems with neurology. Starting with the pain in the waist and migraines and ending with serious ailments of the nervous system, these sorrows are frequent companions of a modern person.

All neurological deviations are very ominous and require precise analysis and treatment. Even minor violations of the nervous system can significantly affect a quality of life. According to statistics, mostly the seniors seek medical aid in cases of neurological illnesses. Nevertheless, every year young people are increasingly becoming patients of medical institutions with similar expressions. All signals, every movement, emotion and memory, speech and feelings lose their significance when the nervous system fails. The most terrible is that the entire neurology is a chronic, pathological process of destruction of a human.

Medical aid and the process of healing of neurological diseases is extremely complicated and yet delicate. In this case, hasty attitude is unacceptable, because the treatment requires a complex therapy that includes a combination of massage techniques, reflexology, acupuncture, herbal medicine, medicinal baths, and Taoist Yoga techniques.

First of all, before beginning any treatment, is carried a physical examination of a patient. In neuroscience are used such methods: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Transcranial Doppler, cerebral ultrasound, ultrasound of the heart.

It must be remembered that in case of the detection of any signs relating to neurological deviation you must see a doctor. Delaying a visit to the physician or self medicating can cause an acute illness and irreparable consequences.

Almost all neurological diseases may have a hereditary character or be the consequence of a traumatic injury. Much less frequent are neurological diseases that were caused by sequelae after an infection. The most widespread factor in the progression of neurological diseases in the modern century is a way of life. Namely: overfatigue (both physical and mental), impaired sleep, nutrition, unhealthy diet, constant stress, lack of exercise and ecology.

In general all neurological diseases are similar in their symptoms and manifestations. The neurological diseases can be defined due to the following indications, manifested in a diseased: speech disorders, pain in the limbs, neck, back, chest, abdomen, migraines and headaches, depression and sleep disorders, an increased level of anxiety, poor coordination of motions, frequent fainting, tinnitus, weariness, blurred vision, deterioration of attention and memory, seizures, tremor, violation of sensitivity (hypersensitivity or no sensitivity at all), numbness in various parts of the body, respiration and swallowing disorders, shaking of body parts (mostly the limbs), urinary and fecal incontinence. These sings, together or individually, clearly indicate that the person is a neurologist`s patient. Often, symptoms, first credited to the neuroscience may indicate the negative processes in other systems and organs, endocrinology, digestive tract, viral infection.

A healthy central nervous system is the key to a full life and health of all other systems and organs. At the least functional CNS malfunctions in the body raises a number of ailments and complications. Therefore it is necessary to keep in mind that prophylaxis is the best remedy. The very first factor which defines the health of the central nervous system is a healthy lifestyle. Under this concept combined: proper healthy diet, adherence to strict regime, sufficient exposure to fresh air and sufficient physical activity, and a complete rejection of bad habits (drinking and smoking).

Treatment methods in neurology are remarkably varied:

  • Manual therapy is a type of treatment of diseases such as a low back pain, sciatica and vertebral displacement
  • Acupuncture is also a form of neurological treatment; it is prosperous in overcoming violations of the general functionality of the CNS
  • Psychotherapy in conjunction with the medicamental method is used to treat various neuroses, depression, sleep disturbances, and at Somatic syndrome
  • Exceptionally the medicamental treatment is used for vascular disorders, traumas (eg concussion), or as a postoperative treatment

Cannot but rejoice the fact that medicine does not stand still and now more and more are developing cellular technologies. This is great news for people who have had a stroke, complex traumatic brain or spinal injury, cerebral palsy. Transplant treatment increases the chances for, albeit incomplete, but with high positive indicators, recovery of a diseased.

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